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We offer a Premium current account, integral part of which is one of five types of insurance of your choice..

If you have not had transactions in your account exceeding RSD 1,000 (the aggregate amount of incoming and outgoing payments) in a month, your account is considered inactive.

If you have not had transactions in your account, you will not pay the monthly maintenance fee, but you can still receive a payment.

Checking the balance by telephone call does not afford enough protection, so it is possible to check the balance in all your accounts via our e-banking services - NetBanking, mBanking and NovoMob.

Only the owner of the current account can apply for lending products, since they will be repaid from his/her account.

We accept deposits, which are not term deposits, in all currencies which are traded in the single market.

If you want to deposit funds in a term deposit, you can deposit them in RSD, EUR or USD..

A current account can be opened for young people who are at least 16 years old and it can be used until they are 27.

The account can be used for receiving deposits, as well as for payments within the limit of the funds available in the account.

If you have not had transactions in your account in an amount exceeding RSD 1,000 (the aggregate amount of incoming and outgoing payments) in a month, the Bank will not charge the monthly account maintenance fee.

Even though the monthly account maintenance fee is not charged, your account is still active and you can receive incoming payments.


A loan can be repaid early at any moment, partly or fully, by filing a written request with the Bank.

The payment via NetBanking or mBanking to the loan account without filing a request with the Bank cannot be considered a request for loan pre-payment.

Loans can have a fixed or variable interest rate.

When an interest rate is fixed, it remains unchanged during the whole loan repayment period.

If an interest rate is variable, it consists of a fixed part, a margin and a variable part.

The fixed part of an interest rate remains unchanged during the whole loan repayment period, while the variable part of the interest rate changes depending on the reference value to which it is linked, according to a schedule stipulated in the Loan Agreement.

If you are a payroll client of our Bank (receiving wages or pension), the annuity is paid directly from the current account.

On the day of maturity of the annuity, you need to have funds in the amount of the annuity in your account.

If a loan has been approved and you are not a payroll client of Erste Bank, the monthly annuity is paid to the Bank by your employer, withholding the amount of the annuity from your wages.

Apart from the Loan Agreement, integral parts of the documentation are the Repayment Schedule and the First Offer, which contain the information on the total amount you will repay.

An increase in the interest rate of 1% in the absolute amount per every RSD 100,000 increases the annuity by app. RSD 45 to app. RSD 50, regardless of the loan repayment period.

Nominal interest rate is an interest rate applied in the calculation of interest on the loan, while the effective interest rate includes all expenses payable apart from interest (fees, bills of exchange, etc.).

The interest calculated only from the date of the beginning of the use of the loan, until the last day of the month in which the loan is put into use, is called intercity interest. In the coming months, until the end of the repayment period, regular interest is charged which is an integral part of the annuity (annuity = regular monthly obligation).

Intercity interest is applied with loans in which the first annuity matures on the last day of the next month from the day of using the loan, and it depends on the agreed amount of the loan, the nominal interest rate and the loan realization date.

Personal Credit Bureau report, which can be requested in any bank and which is delivered to your e-mail address or home address, shows all debts you have at any bank in Serbia.

To be approved one of the cash loans, you do not have to be a payroll client of Erste Bank.

However, if you become a payroll client, the interest rate at which you will be approved a loan will be much more favourable than the interest rate you would get if you do not become our client.

If you apply for a housing loan, transfer of salary is mandatory.

At our Bank, you can apply for a cash loan, credit card or an overdraft facility by NetBanking.

It is necessary to log into your account, request the necessary documentation and come to the Bank just to sign the Agreement and withdraw the cash.

The other option is to apply for a cash or refinancing loan by applying here.

Applying for lending products via NetBanking enables you to complete the process for the desired lending product quickly and simply and with only one visit to the Bank.

Apart from the simple procedure with which you save time, you get the online loan at a lower interest rate, which means a smaller loan instalment.

The same applies if you apply here.

Our Bank charges only the loan origination fee (if there is one).

During the loan repayment period, additional fees for loan account maintenance are not charged.

At our Bank, you can apply for a loan with loan repayment insurance without any additional costs!

Loan repayment insurance includes the inability to repay the loan due to:

1. Loss of employment of the loan beneficiary

2. Permanent disability of the loan beneficiary (over 50%), which has occurred as a consequence of an accident or injury

3. Death of the loan beneficiary, which occurred as a consequence of an accident or injury

If you become unemployed during the loan repayment period, the insurance company will pay the Bank 8 subsequent annuities, and 12 annuities in total, during the loan repayment period.

The period during which the insurance company will pay the annuities instead of you is the time until you find another job in order to continue to repay the loan.

Clients without regular income can apply for a loan if they deposit a cash deposit in the amount of 100% of the loan for which they wish to apply.

The interest rate on these loans is lower than other interest rates and thereby you protect your savings which is refunded upon the final loan repayment.

Housing loans can be used for a range of purposes, including a purchase of a prefabricated house, providing that the mortgage can be constituted on the facility that is being built.

If you need money for an extension, reconstruction, adaptation of an apartment or a house, it is necessary to bring us either the Agreement on Works and/or proforma invoice(s) based on which we would disburse the funds.

Apart from the amount of the loan disbursed directly to the contractor or based on the proforma invoices, it is possible to disburse up to 30% of the loan to your current account so that you can execute other payments necessary for the completion of works.

All funds (cash and part according to the Agreement/proforma invoices) are disbursed simultaneously.

At our Bank, an overdraft facility can be approved for a period of 36 months.

For the period during which the overdraft is approved, it is not necessary to deliver the documentation on an annual level.

An overdraft facility is approved in the amount of the three-month average wages.

The approved amount of overdraft does not change until the expiry of the agreed period, which enables you to plan the disposal of the approved funds.

Digital bank, payment cards and security

You can check the balance in your account at the Bank ATMs.

Also, we offer e-banking services allowing you to check your account at any time, from a computer or a mobile device.

Through NetBanking and mBanking, you have the possibility to manage all your accounts.

Among other things, through these applications, you can transfer funds between the accounts, free of charge.

You can also convert the currencies from your current account to your FX account, and vice versa.

The Bank sends you monthly account statements, via post or e-mail, depending on which type of communication you have chosen when you were opening the account.

Also, we offer e-banking services, through which you can see your executed transactions, as well as reserved funds, at any time.

You payment card is connected to a certain current account.

We offer you the possibility of authorising other person to use your funds, who is issued an additional card.

Payments and cash withdrawal can be executed abroad with all payment cards from our offer, except for Dina credit card, which is a national payment card and is connected to payments in Serbia only.

If you travel a lot, we advise you to open an FX account to which you can deposit several currencies, thus avoiding the conversion of currencies when using the card abroad.

In the event of a payment by Mastercard FX card abroad, the original payment currency is debited first, if available in the FX account.

For example, if you have EUR, USD and SEK (Swedish Krona) in the account, when paying in America, USD will be debited in your account, when paying in Sweden, SEK will be debited in the account, and so on.

If the original payment currency is not available at the FX account, the first available currency in the account is debited.

Upon the expiry of the card validity, the Bank automatically re-issues the payment card and informs the client that he/she can take over the re-issued card upon its production.

If you do not want your card to be automatically re-issued, it is necessary to inform us accordingly at least a month before the expiry of the card validity.

Disappearance or loss of a card can be reported by telephone at 021 677 21 16, 24/7.

For all additional information, call our contact centre at the free Erste telephone 0800 201 201 or 060 4848 000.

CVC2/CVV2 number is necessary for online payments.

It is a three-digit number written on the back of your payment card.

When paying online, it is necessary to enter CVC2/CVV2 into the special field.

Debit cards are connected to your current account and your financial solvency depends on the funds available in the current account.

Credit cards enables the use of funds up to the credit limit approved by the Bank.

The Bank calculates the interest on the used funds.

Revolving loan is a loan which is constantly rolled over.

The user of credit revolving card receives an indicative amount (limit) to use.

With the payment by the credit card, the limit is decreased, and upon the payment of the due instalment, the paid amount is rolled over.

The credit card whose used limit is repaid by a single payment (e.g. total amount spent in a month is paid in the following month) is a charge credit card.

For security reasons, daily limits have been defined for the use of payment cards.

Daily limit for the payments at POS terminals amounts to RSD 350,000, while the limit for cash withdrawal at ATMs amounts to RSD 50,000.

Also, the number of banknotes which an ATM can disburse at once has been defined.

An ATM can disburse 40 banknotes at once.

If an ATM rejects your transaction, which is higher than RSD 20,000, we recommend that you try to execute two transactions of smaller amounts.

Online payment can be executed by most payment cards we offer.

In accordance with your needs, we offer:

Visa Gift card, Visa Classic credit card, Visa Gold credit card, Mastercard Youth debit card, Mastercard Gold debit card, Mastercard FX card, Mastercard credit card.

Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode are free services for secured online shopping by Visa and Mastercard cards.

During the purchase, you confirm your identity by your personal password - similar to the use of PIN at an ATM.

Erste Bank offers optional 3D Secure service of safe online payment to the users of payment cards.

Online shops which have this possibility are marked by a unique Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode logo.

You should never enter PIN when shopping online, banks will never ask you to give your PIN code.

Do not give your payment card to anyone to copy it or copy the data from it.

You should never send a copy of your card by e-mail.

We recommend that you check if the web page on which you are paying starts with "https".  

All Erste Bank cards which support online payments can be used for payments via PayPal service.

PayPal service policy defines that payments can be executed by Visa and Mastercard payment cards, while the transfer of cash to the account from a PayPal account can be executed only by Visa payment cards.

Before the use of an ATM, you should pay attention to the ATM appearance.

If you notice an additional device or damage to the ATM, notify the branch employees or call the number of the Bank contact centre located on the back of your card.


Withdrawal of cash in the amount of more than RSD 600,000 (or EUR 5,000) requires a 48 hour notice in writing.

Authorisation will cease to be valid on the day of the death of the authorisation provider (account holder), and further disposal of the funds is possible only based on a valid probate decision.

Insured sum of EUR 50,000 refers to one deposit at one bank.

The funds deposited in a demand FX account are always at your disposal, while the funds deposited in a term deposit can be used upon the expiry of the term deposit agreement.

Before the disbursement of interest based on term and demand deposits, we calculate and pay the tax on interest income on behalf of our clients.

We accept deposits, which are not term deposits, in all currencies which are traded on the single market.

If you wish to deposit funds in a term deposit, you can deposit them in RSD, EUR or USD.

Term deposit rollover is possible for all term deposits with a maturity beyond 3 months and one day, for all resident clients.

If you need the funds from your term deposit due to unforeseen circumstances, you can close the term deposit free of charge.

In that case, the Bank will calculate and pay to the depositor the principal and interest calculated by applying the interest rate on demand savings deposits.

Our Bank offers a disbursement of interest on term deposits on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis.

Therefore, with longer maturities, you do not have to wait for the expiry to get the interest.

In our Bank you can deposit the funds in term deposits in RSD, EUR and USD.

We have prepared two products, so that all clients can make a savings plan in accordance with his/her own needs:

active savings and Keep the Change savings, which enable long-term savings.

Active savings enables you to transfer a certain amount from your current account to the term deposit account by a standing order, while with Keep the Change savings, based on each transaction by your payment card, a certain amount or percentage of funds are transferred to the term deposit account.

With term deposit products with the possibility of successive payments, you can pay the funds to the same savings account by a standing order or in the form of individual payments in time intervals that suit you.

We take care of our youngest clients for whom we have designed both demand and term savings deposits, with more favourable interest rates relative to standard term deposits.