Additional funds when you need them

Current account overdraft facility

  • Use pre-approved funds exactly when you need them
  • Pay interest on the used amount only
  • Use the additional funds without changing the approved amount before the expiry of the overdraft facility
Key numbers

Validity of an overdraft facility

up to 3 years

Availability of funds

24h/365 days a year

Upfront fee

1% for processing requests and annual re-approval

Current account overdraft facility

  • Borrow funds in your current account with a fast and simple procedure
  • Additional funds are available without age limitation
  • We will approve the funds up to the amount of your monthly wage for the last three months, based on your regular net income
  • Apply online, via NetBanking, and save your time
  • The funds will be available 24h, 365 days a year
  • Pay interest on the used amount, while the unused amount of total approved amount remains in your account and is on hand
  • Overdraft facility is not extended automatically (there is a possibility of extension by a shortened procedure), so we will approve a new loan under the same procedure as previously
  • You can change the existing limit by signing an Annex to the Overdraft Agreement

The product is available for payroll clients. 


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