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E-Banking - NetBanking application

  • Check the transactions and balances in your accounts from any place and at any moment
  • Apply online for a cash loan, under more favourable conditions and without going to the bank
  • Pay your bills with lower commissions for online payments
  • Check your accounts from any device a computer, tablet or mobile phone
Key numbers

Maintenance costs

RSD 0 with a Youth and Premium current account



More than

35 functionalities

Modern solution for a fast pace of life

  • To access the application, you only need a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone with internet access
  • With a Financial Advisor option, manage your finances more easily
  • Pay lower commissions on all types of online payments
  • Check the balances and transactions in all your accounts, at any time and from any place
  • Use currency exchange services based on the current exchange rate list within the same application
  • Apply online for a cash loan and a refinancing loan under the most favourable conditions via E-Banking - NetBanking
  • Apply for a term deposit, file an application for an overdraft facility and MasterCard credit card, view your standing orders and issued cheques, at one place, at any time

How to activate the service?

  • Visit the closest branch to apply for the service and to receive user data
  • For a simpler access to E-banking - NetBanking, activate mToken

The service is available with a RSD current account

How can I become a user of NetBanking? Send us an inquiry
Try E-Banking - NetBanking NetBanking demo

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