Mastercard credit card

Use the card which actively follows all your monthly needs
and enjoy the security provided every time you use it

  • Choose the amount of fixed monthly instalment,
    according to your needs
  • Secure online payments
  • Pay without interest for up to 45 days

Amount of approved funds already from

RSD 30,000

Fixed instalment already from

RSD 1,250 per month

No interest calculation for up to

45 days if the debt is completely settled

Mastercard credit card

  • International credit card for the payment of goods and services
  • Use freely the approved funds on the card, which may range from RSD 30,000 up to the amount of four times the average monthly income
  • Monthly instalment is fixed and in accordance with your needs, from RSD 1,250 to RSD 25,000 per month
  • Use the possibility of constant rollover of your credit amount with a revolving repayment model (with a repayment of monthly instalment and/or early debt repayment, the amount is again made available)
  • Refinance your liabilities to other banks under better credit terms
  • Simple and secure online payments using Mastercard Secure Code
  • Connect the card with your PayPal order
  • Use the possibility of deferred interest accrual for up to 45 days
  • You can also get optional Wiener travel health insurance

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