Feel privileged with all the benefits provided by a Premium payment (current) account

Premium RSD payment account

  • Withdraw cash at all ATMs in Serbia and abroad, free of charge
  • Choose one of the offered types of insurance, free of charge
  • Get a more favourable exchange rate for FX purchase and sale at Erste Bank branches
Key numbers

Fee for withdrawing cash abroad

0 % at Erste Group ATMs

Cash withdrawal fee

RSD 0 at all ATMs in Serbia

Maintenance of account

RSD 620 monthly

Direct your personal income to a
Premium payment (current) account:


  • You get a DinaCard debit and Mastercard Gold card
  • As a Premium client, you get Personal Banker services and priority in the operations with the Bank
  • Free Wiener Städtische insurance of your choice. We offer:
    • Individual travel insurance
    • Family travel insurance
    • Insurance in case of flight delay and luggage loss
    • Insurance of property and household items
    • Roadside assistance - smaller repairs and vehicle transport
  • Use MasterCard Gold to withdraw cash without commission at all ATMs in Serbia
  • Manage your account without going to the Bank by using NetBanking and mBanking, with monthly maintenance free of charge
  • Use cheques and more favourable exchange rate for FX purchase and sale at our branches
  • Apply for a standing order and let the Bank take care of your monthly bills
  • With a MasterCard Gold card, you become a member of the Business Club at Nikola Tesla Airport and MasterCard Elite program
  • Contactless and secure on-line payments thanks to MasterCard Secure Code

Why do you need a standing order?

With a standing order, the bank may automatically settle all monthly bills on your behalf and from your account to the accounts of the companies with which the Bank has entered into agreements on standing orders.

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