Active savings

Savings with which you get both interest and premium

  • Place funds in term deposits by NetBanking or mBanking and save time
  • We offer attractive savings interest rates, in the currency of your choice (RSD, EUR, USD)
  • Deposit additional funds with the same date of maturity, at a teller desk, by NetBanking or mBanking
  • If you are a resident of the Republic of Serbia, you have the possibility of automatic rollover of term deposits At a teller desk, by NetBanking or mBanking
Key numbers

Term deposit maturity up to

60 months

Interest premium

up to 11%

Create your own savings plan!

  • Deposit your funds in a term deposit in RSD, EUR, USD
  • Choose a maturity which suits you best, from 6.01 to 60 months
  • There is no minimum deposit requirement at our Bank
  • Receive interest premium up to 11% (the premium depends on term deposit maturity and is included in the calculation of effective interest rate)
  • Apply for a term deposit or depositing additional funds in the term deposit by NetBanking or mBanking
  • When entering into a term deposit agreement, you can opt for automatic term deposit rollover (for residents only)
  • Additional funds can be deposited according to a schedule that suits you best (payments are made by the owner or the authorised person)
  1. In case of automatic term deposit rollover, the amount of interest is added to the principle and total funds are rolled over
  2. Without an automatic term deposit rollover, the principal and interest are transferred to a demand savings account
  3. In case of early closing of a savings deposit, you will receive the principal and the amount of calculated interest based on the interest rate on demand savings deposits.
  4. Tax on interest income is not calculated on RSD savings (for EUR and USD term deposits, it is calculated in accordance with the legal regulations and currently amounts 15%)

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