Check your accounts without going to a branch

SMS notifications - NovoMob service - the simplest and fastest way to check your account balance via a mobile phone and text messages

Smart functions which save your time:

  • Check your account balance quickly and easily by a text message
  • There are two types of notifications available:

            - Automated text message notifications (alarms)
            of transactions in the account

            - Notification upon request by a text message

  • Possibility of receiving an automated notification every day at the desired time, as well as automated notification when the account balance exceeds or falls below a certain amount
  • The message is charged according to the tariff of your mobile network provider

How to activate and use NovoMob service - SMS notifications

If you are a user of NetBanking or mBanking app, under the Services option you can quickly and easily apply for NovoMob, without going to a branch.

If you are not a user of NetBanking or mBanking app, you can apply for NovoMob by visiting the closest branch.

You can receive a notification on the account balance by sending a text message to 1333.

The message should say STANJE or, if you have several accounts (current, credit, escrow...):


You will receive a response containing the account balance and information on the latest three transactions within a few seconds.

The service is available to RSD current account holders.

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