RSD current account

Direct your personal income and use
your funds at any moment

  • Pay 24/7 in Serbia and abroad
  • Receive cheques
  • Manage your account without going to the Bank
Key numbers

Monthly account maintenance fee

RSD 0 during a 12-month period for accounts opened online, after that in accordance with the valid price list

Cash withdrawal fee

RSD 0 at Erste Group ATMs (Mastercard Faster or Visa Electron card)

Debit card maintenance fee

RSD 0 monthly

With a RSD current account:

  • Receive payments, pay up to the amount of the available funds and overdraft
  • Possibility of receiving account statement by e-mail
  • Receive cheques and pay by standing orders
  • Have constant access to your account and pay via e-banking and mobile banking, without going to the Bank
  • You will receive a free DinaCard debit card for payments and cash withdrawals at Erste ATMs in Serbia, free of charge
  • If you wish, you will also receive a Mastercard Faster debit or Visa Classic debit card for payment and cash withdrawals in Serbia and abroad

Debit Cards

Current account is available to all domestic and foreign individuals (residents and non-residents) with legal and business capacity.

Why do you need a standing order?

With a standing order, the bank can automatically settle all monthly bills on your behalf and from your account to the accounts of the companies with which the Bank has entered into agreements on standing orders.

You have a possibility of transferring the funds by a standing order to accounts of a specific individual or a legal entity with whom the Bank has not entered into agreements on standing orders.

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