Visa Classic Debit Card

Card for every day

  • Pay quickly and safely,
    wherever you are
  • Withdrew cash in Serbia and abroad
    at Erste ATMs, free of charge
  • You get the card with RSD current account

VISA Classic debit card

You do not need to enter your PIN code with Visa contactless payment up to a certain amount. Since you are the one holding your card, contactless payment makes all your purchases faster, simpler and the risk of misuse is lower that with the traditional payment technology.

If the amount of contactless transaction is lower than/or amounts RSD 5,000, you do not need to enter your PIN, and if the amount is higher than RSD 5,000, the PIN is necessary.


Free of charge, with RSD current account


• Card issuance and maintenance are free of charge

• Card validity is 5 years

• Card for payment of goods and services up to the amount available at your account, in Serbia and abroad

• You can get your card with RSD current account or giro-account of registered farms and you can get up to too additional cards


Withdraw cash free of charge and execute free online payments


• In case of withdrawal of funds at the ATMs of Erste Group members in eight countries - Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary - the commission is free of charge

• Pay safely via internet with Verified by Visa service

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