Visa Gold credit card

Exceptional in the card world - security and privilege

  • Choose free Wiener Städtische travel insurance
Key numbers

Loan amount up to

RSD 1,000,000

Travel insurance

EUR 40,000 90 days within a year

No interest for

up to 45 days if the debt is completely settled

Visa Gold credit card


  • We offer an international card for the payment of goods and services in Serbia and abroad, up to the amount of available credit limit
  • Additional funds in the amount of RSD 100,000 up to the amount of 4 times the average monthly income (maximum RSD 1,000,000)
  • Possibility of rollover of your credit amount with a revolving repayment model (with a repayment of monthly instalment and/or early debt repayment, the amount is again made available)
  • We offer Wiener Städtische travel insurance policy, with the insured sum in the amount of EUR 40,000 and 90 days within a year
  • Pay securely online with Verified by Visa service
  • You can connect the card with your PayPal account
  • Use the possibility of refinancing credit card debts with other banks, under more favourable conditions


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