Open an FX account and use foreign payment transaction services

Foreign payment transactions

  • Ensure smooth inflows from foreign buyers
  • Pay for the import of goods and services to foreign suppliers, with fast and safe execution of payment orders
  • Execute payments without going to the bank by using e-banking products

More information on foreign payment transactions

We offer you the use of an FX account with the bank, for depositing FX from the collection of exported goods and services, as well as other legal operations with foreign persons in Serbia and abroad


  • Pay for import of goods and services and execute payments in Serbia, in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations and Law on Foreign Trade
  • Ensure additional safety for your business by using documentary collection services (vostro and nostro)
  • Use the possibility of withdrawing FX per diems for business travel abroad
  • Execute FX purchase/sale under more favourable terms
  • We offer you the latest technologies in payment transactions - NetBanking, Halcom
  • Facilitate your operations by using numerous additional services:
  • reporting of foreign lending operations, foreign payment transfer, conditional payment transfers - counter payment, obtaining/providing information from abroad
  • We shall inform you quickly and appropriately about all your executed transactions

The product is available with an RSD account for payment transaction execution in Serbia and delivered Application for FX account opening.

In order to engage in foreign payment transactions, you need to have an RSD account and FX account

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