E-Banking - NovoKlik service

Make your business more efficient with e-banking service for domestic and foreign payment transactions

  • A service based on the Halcom solution
  • Check the balance and transactions in your accounts at any moment, without going to the bank
  • Use benefits of instant payment and realize your orders in a few seconds
  • Access the accounts at different banks which support the Halcom solution by a single smart card

More information about E-banking Halcom service

We offer you the E-Bankling - NovoKlik service, intended for the enterprises and other legal entities, for business in RSD and FX payment transactions, with fees lower than at the teller desk..

With the NovoKlik service, efficiently manage all RSD and FX accounts of the company with Erste Bank and other banks which use the Halcom solution.  

Apart from checking the balance and transactions in all accounts of the company, with NovoKlik you can also:

  • Execute RSD and FX payments
  • Deliver batch orders and prepare orders with a forward date
  • Use the option for instant payment and transfer funds to the recipient's account within 10 seconds at any time (24/7/365, on Sundays, during holidays, at any time of day or night)
  • Receive and send e-invoices
  • Download statements in different formats
  • Use the option of remote signing

For accessing the app, you need a personalised smart card and a PIN code, which guarantee the safety.

If you already own a Halcom package from another bank, you have the possibility of certifying the existing card and managing your accounts with Erste Bank.

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