Free account with many functions

FX account for domestic legal entities and entrepreneurs

  • Ensure smooth payment of imports of goods and services, as well as FX payments in the country
  • Modern e-banking, available at any moment
  • Use the functional account without the bank fee for account opening and maintenance
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More information on FX account for domestic legal entities
and entrepreneurs

Open an FX account for the execution of payment transaction services abroad and choose the services which best fit the needs of your business


If you are a domestic legal entity registered as a limited liability company, a joint-stock company, an entrepreneur or other legal entity, open an account with Erste Bank for the execution of domestic payment transactions


With your FX account choose the services which will contribute to your business:

• Pay for the import of goods and services and execute FX payments in the country, in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations and Law on Foreign Trade

• Use all incoming payments, including the current ones

• Withdraw FX cash for per diem, for business travel abroad

• Execute FX purchase and sales at the bank under more favourable terms

• Open accounts in currencies which are purchased and sold at the single FX market

The product is available with an RSD account for payment transaction execution in the country and an application for opening an FX account.

You will find the documentation necessary for opening an account for your company Here

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