Revolving loan

Don't miss the necessary funds for smooth and successful operation

  • We offer you simple financing of short-term needs for working capital And periodical financing of liquidity maintenance
  • Use and repay approved funds in accordance with your needs, successively or on a bullet payment basis
  • Use the possibility of receiving additional funds without a mortgage or lien
  • Optimise the costs, pay interest proportional to the amount of used funds and period of use

More information about the revolving loan

Use the possibility of drawing down and repaying funds according to your needs and use them for the settlement of current short-term operating liabilities, as well as for maintenance of current liquidity


  1. Use the funds for up to 12 months, as a bullet drawdown or successively in accordance with your request
  2. The funds are available in the currency which suits your needs (RSD, RSD with an FX clause or EUR)
  3. You will be approved the maximum amount in accordance with your credit standing
  4. Send your notices of drawing down or repaying the loan simply via fax, e-mail or in other written form

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