Visa Business Charge credit card

Use additional funds interest free, for a simple payment of daily liabilities

  • Pay without interest, if you settle your liabilities promptly
  • Enjoy safe online payments
  • Enter the VISA world of benefits
Key numbers


0% for all monthly liabilities settled by the 15th day of the following month

Monthly repayment percentage

100 %

Approved funds available


Benefits of using a Visa Business Charge card

We offer an international card for payment of goods and services in Serbia and abroad,
within defined monthly limits

  • Use additional funds without interest, if you settle the liabilities within an accounting period (one month) by the 15th day of the following month
  • Easily withdraw cash at all ATMs with VISA sign, in Serbia and abroad
  • Don't worry about the safety of your funds, the chip card increases the safety and almost completely disables misuse
  • Pay safely via internet with Verified by Visa
  • We offer you PayPal services as well
  • Use the possibility of authorizing unlimited number of users
  • The statement will arrive on a month basis at the address of your company, along with the specification of costs of individual users

The product is available with an RSD transaction account with the bank.  

How to apply for a Visa Business Charge card?


  • The Bank issues the card upon the request of the legal entity to the persons stated in the Application of VISA Business Card Issuance.
  • The Application of VISA Business Card Issuance is filed by the person authorised to represent the legal entity.
  • The Application contains general and financial data on the applicant, as well as the data on authorised users for whom the card issuance is requested, including the total limit and limits of certain authorised users.
  • The applicant attaches to the Application all necessary documentation based on which the Bank passes the Decision on card issuance.

Necessary documentation

  • Application for VISA Business Card Issuance
  • Decision on Registration with all changes
  • Memorandum of Incorporation and Articles of Association of the company
  • Excerpt from the register of the authority in charge of statistics operations (RJR statistical form)
  • Financial statements (annual reports) for the last 2 accounting periods
  • Specimen signatures
  • TIN
  • Bill of exchange authorisation + contractual authorisation

Disappearance or loss of a card can be reported via telephone on 021/ 677-21-16, 0-24h, 365 days a year.

For all additional information, call Erste telephone 0800 201 201 free of charge
or contact us at Info.EBS

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