Don't worry about your home, feel safe

Insurance which ensures complete cover of your home and your household

  • Insure your real property against unforeseen circumstances
  • Protect your household items, even from burglary and theft
  • You can combine the risks and insured sums you want to include in the insurance

More information on property insurance

  • Insure an apartment or a house which is permanently lived in, as well as your household items
  • Protect the mortgage from unforeseen circumstances by the property insurance policy
  • By insuring your apartment, you are protected against the risk of fire, lightning, explosion, storm, hail and water leakage from water and sewage pipes, and you will be additionally protected from a loss caused by burglary and robbery, glass breakage and third party liability of the household members

With Wiener Städtische property insurance

  • Take out an insurance policy in a clear, quality and simple manner
  • Do so under favourable terms
  • Choose the insurance period in accordance with your needs, with additional incentives for a longer period
  • If you opt for an insurance period longer than a year, the insured sum will be indexed to retail price growth


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