Facilitate your daily business relating to domestic payment transactions

  • E-banking service based on the Asseco solution
  • Check the balances and transactions in the accounts without going to the bank
  • Access the accounts with different banks which support the Asseco solution by a single smart card
  • Use benefits of instant payment and realize your orders in a few seconds

More information about E-Banking - Office Banking service

We offer you the e-banking service for RSD payment transactions, with fees lower than at the teller desk.

By E-Banking - Office Banking service, efficiently manage all RSD and FX accounts of the company with Erste Bank and other banks which use the Asseco solution.   

Except for checking the balance and transactions in RSD accounts, the Office Banking service provides you the possibility to:

  • Quickly and simply deliver orders in domestic payment transactions
  • Use the already sent orders for easier preparation of new ones
  • Import pre-prepared orders in different formats
  • Use the option for instant payment and transfer funds to the recipient's account within 10 seconds at any time (24/7, on Sundays, during holidays, at any time of day or night)
  • Download statements from all your accounts
  • Apply different systems of authorisation and privileges for users

For accessing the app, you need a personalised smart card and a PIN code, which guarantee security.

If you already own an Asseco package from another bank, you have the possibility of certifying the existing card and managing your accounts with Erste Bank.

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