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Youth RSD payment (current) account

  • For young people aged 16 to 27 No monthly maintenance costs
  • Withdraw cash at Erste ATMs in Serbia and abroad, free of charge
  • Use NetBanking and mBanking without paying a monthly maintenance fee
Key numbers

Card issuance and reissuance fee


Monthly maintenance fee


NetBanking service fee


Youth payment account:

  • No monthly maintenance costs, even if you receive income from student jobs
  • Safely and easily pay bills, exam applications and check the balance at your account 24/7 with NetBanking and mBanking application
  • You will receive a DinaCard debit card for payments and cash withdrawals at Erste ATMs in the country, free of charge
  • If you wish, you will also receive a free Mastercard Youth card for contactless payment, for use in the country, abroad and on the Internet, as well as cash withdrawals at Erste Group ATMs (in Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania) without payment of commission


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