Mastercard FX card

One card for all currencies

  • Secure online payments
  • Pay and withdraw cash abroad without a fee
    at Erste Group ATMs
Key numbers

Maintenance fee

RSD 0 per month

Cash withdrawal fee

RSD 0 at Erste Group ATMs

Fee for cash withdrawal abroad

0% at Erste Group ATMs

With MasterCard Gold debit card

  • Pay from your FX account in the currency you need. If the currency is not available in your FX account, the payment is executed in the following order of available currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, etc.
  • Withdraw cash abroad, free of charge at Erste Group ATMs - in Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania
  • Secure payment online with the Mastercard Secure Code system
  • You can connect your card with your PayPal account
  • Receive up to two additional cards

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