NetBanking is a new e-banking service of Erste Bank a. d. Novi Sad intended for individuals, enterprises and other corporates. It is easy to use and is available 24/7, 365 days a year from any place on the planet where there is Internet access. NetBanking saves your time as well as your money, minimises the need for visiting the bank counter and provides you with an exceptional comfort.

By means of NetBanking service, you will be able to see the balance and transactions in all your (dinar and foreign currency) accounts. Via NetBanking, it is possible to pay to all recipients in the country and abroad without the need for their registration at the point of sale. Completion of electronic payment order is similar to completing hard-copy payment order. NetBanking also offers many other services for individuals and corporates.  

This e-banking system is completely secure. As an additional security mechanism, an appropriate number from the TAN table, which you will receive from Erste Bank a.d, is entered in addition to the username and password upon each login to the system. Using NetBanking does not require anything except a computer connected to the Internet. You can take an application form at the point of sale where you opened your account or you can download it here, and we shall send you TAN table by mail.  

For any additional information about NetBanking service, please contact the E-Banking Department of Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad by phone at 021/423-364 or by e-mail.