Erste Cash Loan with refinancing possibility

Together, we see more

  • Without upfront fee
  • Better loan with online request
Key numbers

Loan amount up to

RSD 3,500,000

Repayment period

up to 95 months**

Upfront fee


Cash loan and refinancing loan

  • Get additional funds in a simple way, without deposit and guarantees*
  • Apply in a branch, online via website, via NetBanking or via mBanking
  • You can use amounts between RSD 50,000 and RSD 3,500,000*
  • You can repay the cash loan for 6 to 71 months (** You may repay the loan in a period of 6 to 95 months - the repayment period of up to 95 months applies to refinance loans approved on or after March 18, 2020. If the purpose of the loan is to pay cash, the maximum term is 71 months)
  • Possibility of contracting payment protection insurance
  • If you apply online it only takes one visit to the branch to the desired date for signing the contract documents

* Depending on the creditworthiness and the amount of regular monthly income

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