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Erste mBiz

mBiz is a mobile banking application for sole traders and legal entities. It enables you to monitor your finance irrespective of where you are and execute daily banking operations on the go.

Irrespective of where you are, with your mBiz you can monitor the account balance and turnover, make payments, sign orders, download statements, contact us for support or advice, and find the closest branch or ATM.

If you already use the eBiz application, mBiz may be activated in just few steps. Apply in the eBiz application and send request to activate mBiz. You will receive the registration and activation code for mBiz activation to the reported e-mail address and the telephone number, respectively. Download mBiz to your device from Google Play, Apple Store, or HuaweiApp Gallery Store, start the application, input the codes previously received from us, and you are ready for using mBiz.

Unless you are an eBiz user, please visit our branch, and we will arrange the eBiz service, with which you can activate mBiz on your own.

mBiz use is free of charge based on pre-arranged eBiz service. The fee for eBiz use is RSD 200.

Erste eBiz

eBiz is an eBanking application for sole traders and corporate clients which will facilitate your finance management.

Forget about visiting branch, because everyday banking operations, such as payments, account balance and turnover check, statement overtaking may now be performed through eBiz.

To become the eBiz user, it is necessary to open dinar current account at our branch and fill in the application form for the arrangement of the eBiz service. When you arrange the service, we will send you the user data for the application, and eBiz may be readily used.

eBiz enables you to manage your finance at your fingertips. Make domestic and international payments easily. Create and use the templates for frequent payments. Monitor the balance and turnover on your accounts and download the statements free of charge.

Our support is available through the application at any time. In addition to eBiz, use the mBiz mobile application, with no additional charge. Activate mBiz on your own, without visiting the bank.

The monthly fee for eBiz use is RSD 200. The price also includes the use of mBiz mBanking application.

Payment cards

You can check your balance at an ATM of the bank. Also, we offer e-banking services through which you can check your account at any moment, from a computer or a mobile device.


The Bank sends you monthly account statements, via post or e-mail, depending which type of communication you chose when you were opening the account. Also, we offer e-banking services, through which you can see your executed transactions, as well as provisions, at any moment.

Through NetBanking and mBanking (for retail clients only), you have a possibility to manage all your accounts. Among other things, through these apps, you can transfer funds between the accounts, free of charge. You can also convert the currencies from your current account to your FX account, and vice versa..

The number of authorised users of Visa Business card per account is unlimited..

The purpose of the design and functionality of each business card from the Bank's offer, debit or credit, is to simplify the disposal of funds of a legal entity. The main purpose of the card is the payment of costs of car pool, entertainment, small inventory and similar expenses.

The limit for an individual holder of a Visa Business card can be changed. To do so, it is necessary to complete an application for changing the limit and to deliver it to the closest branch for execution..

As soon as you notice that the card is missing, immediately visit the closest branch or call 021 677-21-16 from 0h to 24h to block the card. For all additional information, call our contact centre at 0800 201 201 or 066 89 69 000.

CVC2/CVV2 number is required for online payments. It is a three-digit number written on the back of your payment card. When paying online, it is necessary to enter CVC2/CVV2 into the special field.

Visa Business Charge cards can be used for online payments. A condition for receiving a Visa Business Charge card is an RSD transaction account with the bank.

Online payment by the users of Visa Business Electron card is optional, i.e. it is enabled upon a request of the client.

Our bank offers optional 3D Secure service of safe online payment to the users of payment cards. Online stores which have this possibility are marked by a unique Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode logo.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are free services for secured online shopping by Visa and MasterCard cards. During the purchase, you confirm your identity by your personal password - similar to the use of PIN at an ATM. Our bank offers Visa Business cards, for which you can opt for Verified by Visa secure payment service.

You should never enter your PIN when shopping online, banks will never ask you for your PIN code. Do not give your payment card to anyone to copy it or copy the data from it. You should never send a copy of the card via e-mail. We recommend that you check if the web page on which you are executing the payment starts with "https".

Visa and Mastercard Erste Bank cards which provide the service of online payments can be used for payments via PayPal service as well. PayPal service policy defines that payments can be executed by Visa and MasterCard payment cards, while the withdrawal of cash to an account from a PayPal account can be executed only by Visa payment cards.

Before using an ATM, you should pay attention to the ATM appearance. If you observe an additional device on or damage to the ATM, contact the employees at the branch or call the number of the Bank contact centre which you can find on the back of your card.


Loans for a period longer than 12 months are usually approved based on a mortgage, except in case of working capital and liquidity loan and multipurpose limit, which can be approved without a mortgage.

Yes, there is a possibility of choosing the loan currency, in accordance with your needs.

Down payment is mandatory in case of an investment loan, in the minimum amount of 20%. The amount of down payment depends on the presented business plan and the investment implementation plan.

The company needs to have been operational for at least 24 months, in order to be eligible for credit application.

No. If you take a loan as a legal entity, the property purchased by the loan is booked in the name of the legal entity.

It is necessary to deliver the documentation with the purpose of assessing the rating of your company, but it is also necessary for us to know what the needs of your company are. Based on that, a decision about the amount of loan which can be granted without security is passed.

Yes, because an overdraft facility entails a credit relationship and, as such, must be processed by credit analysis.

In case of a loan for which a 100% deposit is placed, you keep your deposit and use it again after the loan repayment. Thereby, you are sure that after the repayment of funds to the bank, which you have previously invested, you will have the full amount of funds at your disposal. Also, at a time of low deposit rates, you will have a possibility of having a credit arrangement under more favourable terms.

No interest is payable on the deposit, but due to this type of security, the interest rate on the loan is significantly lower than on other loans.

The period for which you can be approved a loan depends on your needs, credit standing and other parameters which the bank takes into account when analysing your credit application.

Transaction banking and deposits

Yes, additional information on this can be obtained from a Relationship Manager or staff at a branch.

There is a possibility of terminating a term deposit before its expiry upon your request, when the bank disburses the principal and the amount of interest accrued for the period from the last accrual to the date of term deposit termination, with the application of the interest rate for demand deposits.

The funds of all clients deposited with our bank are completely safe at any moment.

Demand savings deposit can be placed for a definite and an indefinite period of time, in accordance with your needs.

Yes, there is. The possibility of automatic rollover is agreed on when entering into the Deposit Agreement. The agreement is automatically renewed for the same period under the terms valid on the day of the expiry of the term deposit.

Documentary operations

No. The procedure of applying for and approving a guarantee is the same as in the case of a loan.

Guarantees are approved in RSD or RSD with an FX clause, as well as in EUR.

We don't offer cheque discounting, only bill of exchange discounting.

Yes, factoring can be done at our bank.

Maximum amount for which an import letter of credit is issued is the value of the proforma invoice delivered by a foreign supplier, in accordance with the client's credit standing.

Yes. We can agree on notifying you of a letter of credit opened in your favour. Also, we provide assistance related to the letter of credit terms and assistance when submitting documents, for the purpose of secure and due collection. Also, we provide advisory services related to the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits and other legal obligations and regulations in the Republic of Serbia.