Different ways,
the same goal

Exceptional financing conditions.

Who can be the recipient of a leasing?

What do we finance?

Financial leasing is a transaction in which the Lessor transfers the authorisations to hold and use the Leasing Subject for the contracted period to the Lessee, and the Lessee pays the agreed fee in instalments. Leasing is one of the methods of financing and investment in fixed assets for a particular object and it is an alternative to own funds and bank loans.

Benefits of using leasing

  • Take advantage of favorable financing conditions for the purchase of cars, delivery vehicles, trucks and trailers, buses, machinery and equipment
  • Provide a new vehicle with minimum participation
  • Adjust the monthly rates to your capabilities and needs
  • Provide funds for 48 hours, using a simple and efficient procedure


  • From financing to insurance of the selected leasing object in one place
  • Collected offers and information on insurance terms for the conclusion of insurance policies covering all potential risks
  • The client is in a position to choose and contract the best insurance offer, such as casco insurance, property insurance, insurance of persons from consequences of an accident, etc.
  • After the expiration of the financial lease agreement, we offer and provide services to our clients who can continue securing the leased object as well as any other items they own