Allow us to take good care of your securities and cash trading accounts

Custody operations

  • Safeguard your securities under favourable conditions
  • Ensure quality and fast payment of your trading transactions with securities Services of settlement when trading in securities
  • Use the long-term experience of our team
  • We offer a good coverage of local and relevant international markets

As a custody bank, we can do the following for you:

  1. Open and maintain a securities account with the Central Securities Depository, in your name and for your account as a client of the custody bank (custody account)
  2. Provide the services of opening and maintaining securities trading accounts and of transferring funds based on your instructions
  3. Provide the services of safeguarding securities and funds in accounts
  4. Administer securities and funds and execute clearing and settlement of transactions with payment (DvP, RvP), execute transactions without payment (DF, RF) and other money transfers
  5. Collect the income arising from securities (dividends, principals, interest, coupons and other income)
  6. Inform you about corporate events and exercising the rights arising from securities and execute orders related to corporate activities
  7. Provide reporting services
  8. Provide bank services for local collective investment institutions, defined by the Law on Investment Funds and the Law on Voluntary Pension Funds and Pension Schemes
  9. Provide the services of FX operations related to the provision of investment services
  10. Execute orders for the transfer of rights arising from securities and orders for the registration of the rights of third parties on securities and take care of the transfer of rights arising from such securities
  11. Ensure the provision of other services related to securities, which are regulated by the Agreement and which are not contrary to the Law on Capital Market

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