Fast, reliable and cheap domestic payments

Domestic payment services

  • Our professional team is always there for all advisory services
  • Use numerous Erste services and products under favourable terms
  • Execute domestic payment transactions from your armchair, with Erste e-banking We offer you NetBanking, Halcom/ Novoklik and Office Banking
Key numbers

Account opening fee


Visa Business Electron debit card issuance fee

0 RSD issuance of the first card

Banking experience of more than

150 years in Serbia


  • We offer you payment transaction services under extremely favourable terms, with fast and reliable payment order execution
  • Execute internal orders free of charge (transfer of funds from your account to the account of the bank or between your accounts)
  • Withdraw cash at ErsteATMs in Serbia and abroad
  • Get a discount on the standard fee on domestic payment transaction services in Serbia, by using e-banking
  • Use the latest technologies in payment transactions free of charge - NetBanking, Halcom, Office Banking
  • Open an RSD current account without a Bank fee
  • Get more favourable terms on numerous products and services of Erste Bank by conducting payment transaction services through the Bank
  • Receive fast and quality information about all your executed transactions
Do you need more information about domestic payment transactions? Send us an inquiry

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Do you need more information about payment transactions in Serbia? Send us an inquiry