E-banking NovoKlik (Halcom)

Domestic and foreign payment transaction execution service which saves your time and money - for companies and other legal entities

  • Become the user of the app whose solution is used by most banks in Serbia
  • Check the balance and transactions in all accounts in different banks using the Halcom solution with only one card
  • Quickly and safely execute payment transactions in Serbia and abroad
  • We offer you smart functions for easier business Remote signing, e-signature, address book, e-invoices and other
Key numbers

Service maintenance

0 RSD a month

24/7 service availability

Discount on commission up to as much as

20% for payment orders sent via NovoKlik system

More information about E-banking NovoKlik (Halcom) service:

  • E-banking service, intended for companies and other legal entities, for the execution of domestic and foreign payment transactions
  • To access the app, you only need a computer with internet access
  • Check the balance and transactions in all your company's accounts (RSD and FX, accounts with Erste Bank and other banks which support Halcom system)
  • Execute FX and RSD payments under favourable terms
  • Use benefits of instant payment and realize your orders in a few seconds
  • Pay by payment orders with the current date and with a forward date
  • Send and receive e-invoices with mandatory use of qualified smart card
  • Use the possibility of sending and receiving personal and general messages
  • Print account statements
  • You are protected by PIN code and smart card
  • You can use it in Serbian and English language and it is simple to use

Additional functions of the app which will make your business more efficient:

  • Use a previously sent order to create a new one more easily
  • Download statements in different formats
  • Choose different authorisations for your employees
  • Use the possibility of delivering orders with forward value dates
  • Send sets of orders
  • We offer you the functions of left and right signatory and remote signing  

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