E-banking - E-invoices

Join us in the new age of invoicing - pay invoices by a single click

  • Decrease your daily business costs and increase productivity
  • Simply deliver and receive e-invoices through the e-banking app Halcom (NovoKlik) and by using the card with digital qualified certificate
  • Pay invoices with one click, from a computer
  • Use the possibility of e-storage of invoices
  • Use Halcom e-banking (NovoKlik) free of charge

Benefits of e-invoices:

  • Accelerate your business processes, pay by a single click
  • Simplify your business with electronic invoice issuance and receipt
  • Increase the productivity with faster payment cycles, facilitate input, verification and approval of invoices
  • Be practical with electronic delivery of documents and storage of invoices
  • Decrease of risk because the risk of invoice loss is eliminated

The product is available with the app for e-banking Halcom and the card with digital qualified certificate.