Loan for export preparation and exports

Improve and secure your business with the loan intended for exports promotion and stability of exporters' cash flows

  • Obtain stable financing of export operations under favourable terms
  • Develop your business activities abroad in a safe and stable manner
  • Ensure the balance of cash flows

More information about the loan for export preparation and exports:

  • We offer you a short-term loan approved based on the Export Agreement or SAD (Single Administrative Document)
  • Use the possibility of financing up to 100% amount stated in the Export Agreement or SAD
  • You can repay it in up to 12 months
  • Choose the repayment method in accordance with your business needs (bullet, semi-annual, six-month, quarterly, three-month or monthly)
  • Get a loan in the currency which suits you (an RSD loan with an FX clause or an FX loan - in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations)
  • Evidence on the utilisation of funds in line with the intended purpose needs to be supplied
  • FX income from the financed business needs to be directed to the bank

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