Investment loan

Finance your long-term investment needs with the right partner

  • Use the possibility of long-term financing, with the possibility of receiving a grace period
  • Modernise and improve your business, invest in equipment, land, buildings, vehicles, breeding stock and other fixed assets
  • Apply for the loan in the currency which suits you In RSD with an FX clause and/or in EUR

More information about the investment loan:

  • Finance your investment needs for up to 10 years, and for renewable energy source projects for up to 15 years
  • Use the possibility of receiving a grace period
  • Choose the repayment method in accordance with your needs (in instalments, annuities or bullet payment at the end of the period)
  • Your investment will be supported by a maximum amount in accordance with your credit standing
  • We offer you the support of a team with long-time experience

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