Execute projects which use renewable energy sources with the right partner, because we have, long since, recognised their importance and supported them in the right way

Financing renewable energy source projects

  • Use our experience, as we have financed 27 small hydroelectric power plants, 3 biogas plants, 14 solar plants and 1 wind farm with more than EUR 62 million
  • Obtain quality long-term financing with the possibility of receiving a grace period
  • Obtain the best financing solutions with our customised approach to each project

More information about financing renewable energy source projects:

  • We offer you funds for long-term financing of projects which use renewable energy sources
  • Obtain quality financing solutions through a combination of our experience as the market leader and personalised approach to each project
  • Ensure fast project execution with adequate amount of funds for the construction
  • Use your funds for long-term financing for up to 12 years
  • Use the possibility of receiving a grace period, depending on the project, as well as the possibility of interest accrual in the grace period
Project financing can begin when you open an RSD current account