Because you are taking responsibility for your business

Choose us as your business partner that can meet the specific requirements of your business

Because you are modern


You can execute all your payment transactions from a computer or any other device connected to the internet.

Debit and credit cards

Each business payment card from our offer is designed to simplify the daily operations of your company.

Because you are a visionary

Business loans

Unique needs of your company require customised solutions.

Special financing and financing
renewable energy source projects

We appreciate the specific needs of your business.

Because you are focused on business

Documentary operations

Mitigate the risks in domestic and foreign trade operations by using our knowledge, expertise, experience, efficiency and information.

Domestic and foreign payment services

Opt for fast and quality execution of payment orders.

Because you are practical

Business account opening

Quickly and simply, for all forms of company organisation.


Earn interest on the funds sitting in your RSD and FX current accounts, and use them when you need them.

Because you are one step ahead


Use modern solutions for working capital/liquidity financing - purchase of short-term unmatured claims.

Loans from international credit lines

Use the funds for improvement of business and investments under favourable terms.

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