Use modern solutions for working capital - purchase of short-term outstanding receivables at a discount, prior to receivables maturity date by a new borrowing facility


  • Mitigate or completely eliminate credit risk
  • Accelerate the cash flow of your business and significantly improve your liquidity
  • Improve your credit standing, without burdening the balance sheet of your company by a new borrowing

Advantages of factoring

  • Accelerate the cash flow and improve your liquidity
  • Get more favourable financing terms, based on the financial standing of your buyer
  • Use the product without firm collateral
  • Eliminate claim collection risks and improve the structure of financing sources
  • Opt for factoring in the currency you need (RSD, RSD with an FX clause or FX)
  • In case of frequent needs for this type of financing, choose the factoring limit
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We offer you the following types of factoring:

  1. Domestic factoring with or without recourse
  2. Framework short-term factoring limit - in case of continuous deliveries and common need for discounting claims from different buyers
  3. Direct export factoring with or without recourse - intended for exporters for the purpose of improving business quality and mitigating collection risk
  4. Reverse factoring - the bank finances the settlement of liabilities which you haveas a buyer towards your suppliers

Additional important information:

  • Factoring is completely regulated by the Law on Factoring
  • Apply for factoring by completing this form
  • To meet the preconditions for obtaining the product, it is necessary to enter into a factoring agreement and deliver a factoring notification to the buyer

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Do you need more information about factoring? Send us an inquiry