Our Village Project

Financial and non-financial support for the start and development of agriculture


Erste Bank's social banking program for start-ups, social enterprises and civil society organizations "Step by Step" in cooperation with Delta Holding and within the project "Our Village" helps to establish and develop agriculture in underdeveloped areas and to rebuild villages in Serbia. Together with experts from Delta Agrar, Ersta Bank prepared individual development plans and provided favourable loan products for 20 farms in the villages of Dubočane and Mala Jasikova, near Zaječar, amounting to approximately 200,000 euros. The loans were used for various purposes: Purchase of seedlings, equipment for irrigation and fencing of orchards, investment in new livestock facilities, purchase of new heads, purchase of machinery. These investments have led to an increase and improvement in production and thus to an increase in the income and standard of living of the farms.

From the beginning of the project we provide support through: