Accelerate and facilitate your business, opt for the acceptance of payment cards

POS terminals

  • For faster and safer business, use the state-of-the-art Erste POS terminals
  • We have provided the acceptance of Visa, Mastercard, DinaCard and Maestro cards
  • Transfer of funds to the account the following day

Why Erste POS terminal?

Opt for a POS terminal and enjoy the benefits

  • You will receive a POS terminal to use
  • Models in line with the needs of your sales point
  • Acceptance of Visa, Mastercard and Dina cards
  • Competitive commissions
  • Extremely fast payments - the money is in the account the following day

Make your business even more efficient with Erste Bank POS terminals

  • Improve your business - additional sales channel
  • Facilitate the payment for your buyers (possibility to choose the payment method)
  • Simple control of executed transactions
  • Save your time and decrease your costs - without going to the bank to deposit daily takings
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