Ensure permanent support to your business

Permanent working capital loan

  • Increase the turnover and income with permanent cash flow, by a long-term loan for financing permanent working capital
  • Use the possibility of delayed repayment of principal of up to 12 months

More information about permanent working capital loan

We offer you a long-term loan for financing permanent working capital, export, supplies, liabilities towards suppliers and other purposes


  1. You will be approved the maximum amount of funds in accordance with your credit standing
  2. Choose the currency which suits your business needs (RSD, RSD with an FX clause or EUR)
  3. Repay the loan in monthly instalment of up to 36 months
  4. Use the possibility of receiving a grace period of up to 12 months

The product is available with a current account with the bank.  

In order to be approved a permanent working capital loan, open an RSD current account

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