Framework multipurpose limit for corporate clients

The arrangement which suits any business

  • Efficiently settle the needs of your business by using different products under the multipurpose limit
  • Use the limit within which you can be approved short-term and long-term products of the Bank
  • Increase the efficiency of your business, with flexible and fast drawdown of individual products under the shortened procedure
  • Use multiple products while entering into only one agreement

Key numbers

More information about the framework multipurpose limit

We offer you the possibility of entering into a limit agreement with the Bank, based on which you will be approved individual short-term and long-term products within the period of the limit validity


  • Use the approved limit for up to 36 months
  • During the validity of the limit, use individual products very quickly, according to a shortened procedure
  • Choose the currency of the product in accordance with your business needs (RSD, RSD with an FX clause or EUR, in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations)
  • The product is available with a current account with the bank

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