COSME - Liquidity and working capital loans

  • Loans for settlement of current, short-term operating liabilities
  • Working capital funding

More information on the COSME guarantee - liquidity and working capital loans

On the basis of the Agreement executed by the Bank and the European Investment Fund (EIF) on 09 October 2017, Erste Bank offers liquidity and working capital loans - COSME.
Loan for small enterprises and entrepreneurs is at your disposal, with the COSME guarantee intended for settlement of current short-term operating liabilities, as well as for working capital funding.
  • Each loan within the program will be covered by an EIF guarantee in the amount of up to 50% of the loan
  • The loan may be repaid for a period of 36 months and 1 day, including the possibility of the grace period of up to 6 months
  • The maximum amount will be approved in accordance with your creditworthiness.
  • Funds are available in the currency suitable for your business needs (RSD, RSD with an FX clause, or EUR)

In order to secure the loan with COSME gauarantee, it is neccessary to Final Recipient fullfils some eligibility criteria, including:

• To be registered as micro, small or medium enterprise in accordiance with Commission Recommendation No 2003/361/EC  concerning the definition of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (OJ, L124, od 20.05.2003. pg 36-41);

• Is not subject to collective insolvency proceedings nor fulfils the criteria under its domestic law for being placed in collective insolvency proceedings at the request of its creditors;

• Does not have a substantial focus on one or more Restricted Sectors (Illegal Economic Activities, not to produce and trade tobacco and distilled alcoholic beverages and related products, not to produce of and trade  Weapons and Ammunition, not be a Casino nor equivalent enterprise, not to support research, development or technical applications relating to electronic data programs referred Restricted Sectors, and not to provide support to the financing of the research, development or technical applications relating to  human cloning for research or therapeutic purposes and Genetically Modified Organisms (“GMOs”);

• Not to be delinquent or in default in respect of any other loan or lease either granted by the Bank or by another financial institution;

• Not to be established in a Non-Compliant Jurisdiction in accordiance with EU laws and other term and conditions which are determinated by the contract between Erste bank a.d. Novi Sad and European investment Fund.

Support of the European Union under the Loan Guarantee Facility established in accordance with Regulation (ES) no. 1287/2013 of the European Parliament and theCouncil establishing a Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (COSME) (2014-2020)

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