Vehicle rental

Do you want to use a new vehicle of your dreams?

Do you want to align the initial investment and monthly rent to your own possibilities?

Do you want comprehensive insurance for your vehicle for the duration of the rental period?

The solutions is - vehicle rental.

The main idea behind rental is based on the use and operation of the rental subject for the duration of the Rental Agreement and not the acquisition of legal ownership.

By adjusting to your needs, we will enable you to use the rental subject economically and pay a monthly fee for the use.

All you have to do is choose the vehicle and contact us.

Advantages of vehicle rental

  • Simple approval procedure
  • Minimum initial payment
  • The Renter uses the vehicle for the period agreed in the Rental Agreement
  • The rental subject is not recognised as a fixed asset in the Renter's business books
  • Rent does not increase the indebtedness of the legal entity; instead, it offers improved liquidity
  • VAT is paid though monthly rents – rental services
  • Rent is not reported to the Credit Bureau as the client's debt-to-income ratio
  • Pre-defined cost of the Renter - fixed cost
  • More favourable premium comprehensive insurance rates

Who can rent?

What can be a subject of rental?


Light commercial vehicles

Choose a vehicle and contact us for an offer

As experts in the field of vehicle rental, we will do our best to make your wishes come true. Contact us and we will make you a tailor-made offer.


In order to create an optimal offer according to your needs and possibilities, send us an inquiry, and we will deliver the best possible solution as soon as possible.

Insurance and standard security instruments for rent payment

Insurance of the subject of rental

The rental subject must be insured by an adequate comprehensive insurance policy for the duration of the Rental Agreement.

Security instruments

Security instruments are defined for each agreement individually, based on the client's financial standing and the specificities of the transaction.

Rental terminology

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