Frequently Asked Questions

The Renter pays the security deposit as an interest-free security instrument and a one-off management fee.

The security deposit is an interest-free security instrument for the settlement of liabilities based on the Rental Agreement. The parties mutually agree on a security deposit which is paid to the current account of the Owner in the agreed amount before the takeover of the rental subject and remains with the Owner for the duration of the Rental Agreement. The amount of the security deposit cannot be used for the settlement of due rent amounts or other costs which are debts of the Renter based on the Rental Agreement.

Yes, comprehensive vehicle insurance is mandatory for the entire duration of the agreement.

Partial rent is the fee calculated for the period from the date of takeover of the rental subject until the end of the month in which the subject is taken over.



The rent amounts are due for payment on the last business day at the end of each month, until the expiry of the Rental Agreement.

Rent payments are made according to the specially formed selling exchange rate of Erste Bank on the day of the payment, telephone number for exchange rate is 011/2010-718 unless agreed otherwise.

Individuals' debt-to-income ratio is determined as the ratio between total monthly credit payments and regular net monthly income. Total monthly credit payments are the sum of all loan and credit card liabilities (monthly liability related to total approved credit on a card), activated sureties under loans and liabilities under financial leasing agreements, as well as other liabilities of the person whose debt-to-income ratio is being determined.

The vehicle is registered by S-Rent and registration plate address is the registered address of the Owner.

In case of individuals, the Renter is authorised to drive the vehicle. The immediate family members may also be additionally authorised.

For legal entities, S-Rent issues an authorisation for driving to the company, while an employee of the company is issued an authorisation to drive in his/her name by the company in which he/she works.

The vehicle can be driven abroad with a yellow card (authorisation to drive another person's vehicle abroad - DTV). The Renter can apply for the yellow card at the AMSS with the authorisation of S-Rent doo, a valid passport and vehicle registration certificate. The yellow card issued by AMSS should be brought to S-Rent for certification.

Insurance green card is the evidence that you have concluded TPL insurance with a domestic insurance company for the vehicle. For Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the countries through which our users drive most frequently, it is necessary to take out a green card in the insurance company from which you obtained the mandatory insurance policy, as well as for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Albania, Tunisia and Morocco.

The green card is not necessary for entering the 28 European Union members, or for Switzerland, Norway, Island, Andorra and Montenegro.

In these cases, it is necessary to report the loss to S-Rent and act according to the instructions of S-Rent.


Yes, upon the Renter's written request, S-Rent issues an authorisation for the installation of LPG.