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Obtain a new vehicle through our simple rental service at a simplified procedure and with an approval granted within 48 hours

Notification to clients on the termination of liabilities deferral

  • Use the possibility of rental with minimum initial investment, monthly payments and without additional collateral
  • Use a new vehicle for an agreed period of time, with the possibility of replacement by a new one after the expiry of the agreement
  • Rent a vehicle within 48 hours

Benefits of vehicle rental

  • Use a new vehicle in a practical and flexible way based on a rental agreement
  • We offer you simple procedures and fast approval of rental services within 48 hours
  • Use the possibility of rental with minimum initial investments
  • During the period of rent payment, you generate profit by its use
  • Settle VAT liabilities though monthly rent payments
  • Use the vehicle for business purposes, without burdening your company's financial statements with a loan
  • Ensure the competitiveness of your company without buying a new vehicle
  • Plan your budget in advance, because you know your monthly rent costs
  • Rent under the most favourable terms

Who can rent?