What is financial leasing?

The term 'leasing' comes from the English word 'lease' which means 'rent'. In the second half of the 20th century, this concept evolved in the financial model which has its own autonomous meaning today.

The purpose of leasing is reflected in Aristotle's statement: "True wealth does not lie in the ownership of property, but in the right to use it".

Choose a practical and flexible manner of financing though financial leasing, which means that you have the right to use and operate the Leasing Subject for the duration of the agreement. While you are paying for the Leasing Subject in instalments, you generate profit from its use.

During the repayment period, as a Lessee, you have economic rights over the Leasing Subject, while the Lessor remains the legal owner.

With the repayment of the final instalment and transfer of ownership, you become the owner of the Leasing Subject.

Financial leasing is a transaction in which the Lessor transfers the authorisations to hold and use the Leasing Subject for the contracted period to the Lessee, and the Lessee pays the agreed fee in instalments. Leasing is one of the methods of financing and investment in fixed assets for a particular object and it is an alternative to own funds and bank loans.

Characteristics of leasing

  • Financing is always approved for a particular object
  • The procurement of the asset is executed by the Lessor, and not the Lessee
  • Lessor is the owner of the asset during the entire term of the Leasing Agreement
  • The Leasing Subject is at the same time the collateral
  • The Leasing subject must be insured by a comprehensive vehicle insurance/property insurance policy for the term of the agreement

What do we finance?

Benefits of using leasing

  • We offer you simple procedures for fast approval of necessary funds, with minimum required documentation
  • Use the favourable financing terms, without additional security instruments and with instalments in line with your income
  • Use the vehicle, machine or equipment and earn your instalments while repaying them
  • Obtain the desired vehicle, machine or equipment with minimum initial investment, as well as with the possibility for financing and VAT refund
  • Purchase under the most favourable terms, owing to our cooperation with numerous strategic partners


  • Favourable premium comprehensive vehicle/property insurance rates in cooperation with insurance companies

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