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Our motto when recruiting new staff is: "We are as good as the people who work for us."

Staff development

Continuous successful business operation is achieved owing to modern work methods and organisation, application of European experiences and knowledge, but mostly owing to the staff that act quickly and efficiently. Our motto when recruiting new staff is: "We are as good as the people who work for us."

Get acquainted with our mission and vision, as well as the main principles towards which our company strives:


We offer high quality of leasing services to Serbian companies and citizens in order to expand their competitiveness at the world market and provide respectable living standard. We care about our customers. We find ourselves responsible for society.


Our vision is to be among leading leasing institutions in Serbia, respected by clients, creditors, and competitors for the quality of our customer care, creditworthiness, and creativity.


In the modern working environment, it is becoming increasingly clear that continuous education and training are one of the most efficient methods of achieving competitive advantage. Education is becoming a sine qua non, not only for development but also for survival of the company - the most important investment in our future.

All our employees are offered the possibility of permanent education and acquisition of both professional and personal development skills. Numerous internal workshops and courses are organised for that purpose, and in cooperation with sister companies in the region, experiences are constantly exchanged with the purpose of improving the quality of work and satisfaction of employees.