Term (months, days)

Deposits amount
Nominal interest rate
(per annum, fixed)
(per annum)
Total amount upon the expiry of term deposit increased by interest (EUR)
Tax liability (EUR)
20,00 10.000,00 1,10% 0,94% 10.156,20 27,57
20,00 50.000,00 1,50% 1,28% 51.066,44 188,20
20,00 100.000,00 1,80% 1,53% 102.561,99 452,12

Criteria for indexing: indexing is not provided for.

The above-mentioned examples are of informative nature.

No payroll obligation at Erste Bank.

EIR calculated as of July 27 2020 (lower than the agreed interest rate, because the calculation includes the tax to interest based on FX deposit at the rate of 15%). 

Tax liability: 15%.

Charges borne by consumer and included in EIR calculation: tax to interest based on FX deposit at the rate of 15%.

In accordance with the Law on Income Tax, client is the taxpayer of the withholding tax to generated income of regular interest to FX deposit at the rate of 15% which the bank is, as the income payer, bound to withhold and pay to to the account of tax authority.

Interest calculation method: conform.

The Bank participates in the system of obligatory deposit insurance set up in the Republic of Serbia.

Offer information

  • Special interest rates are valid only for standard EUR term savings deposited at branches
  • 20-month maturity is at your disposal
  • In the event of early termination of EUR savings deposit, the principal and the amount of accrued interest will be paid to you, along with the application of the interest rate to non-term savings (demand savings deposits)
  • If these conditions are not suitable for you, please see our other offers for savings
Term (months, days)
Deposit amount range (EUR) Nominal interest rate
(per annum, fixed)
(per annum)
20,00 from 10.000,00 up to 49.999,99 1,10% 0,94%
20,00 from 50.000,00 up to 99.999,99 1,50% 1,28%
20,00 from 100.000,00 1,80% 1,53%

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The deposit amount insured by the bank with the Deposit Insurance Agency is EUR 50,000.00 based on the Law on Deposit Insurance. Deposit Insurance Agency

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