Save while you pay

Keep the Change savings

  • Increase your savings every time you pay by Erste Bank payment cards
  • Apply for the service for multiple cards
  • You define your savings conditions

Pay by the Bank cards and use the Keep the Change savings to:

  1. increase your term savings deposit in a simple and fast way, free of charge,
  2. increase the amount of your funds on RSD and FX accounts (in EUR),
  3. participate in humanitarian campaigns.



You choose whether the "change" from your RSD accounts will be rounded in percentage terms or absolute amounts

1. If you choose percentage rounding, you define the amount of percentage calculated over the amount of purchase
 2. If you choose the transfer of funds up to the chosen amount, you define the amount to which the amount of your purchase is rounded, and the difference between the calculated amount and the value of the purchase is transferred to your savings account

                                    You can define different conditions for each card (amount, currency, account).

                                    Activate the service at our branch or by NetBanking.

                                    Save the cost of Bank fees


The service is available if you have at least one payment card (Visa ElectronMastercard debitMastercard GoldVisa GoldMastercard Credit) or only one of the offered accounts  (FX current account, active savings account, active children's savings account).

Examples of the savings design

Example 1:

You have chosen to have every card transaction rounded to RSD 50. You pay the bill by your card in the amount of RSD 603. The amount is rounded to RSD 650, and the difference in the amount of RSD 47 is transferred to the account you have selected for savings.

Example 2:

You have chosen to have 5% of each card transaction transferred to the savings account. You pay the bill RSD 880. The account connected to the savings account is charged RSD 924, RSD 44 of which is transferred to the savings account.

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