Additional funds for comfortable retirement

Cash loan for pensioners

  • Obtain additional funds without deposits or guarantors
  • Life insurance is provided with the loan without additional costs
  • Refinance the liabilities to other banks
Key numbers

For life insurance


Loan repayment period

up to 71 months

Loan amount up to

RSD 2,000,000

RSD cash loan for pensioners

  • Obtain additional funds in a simple way without a deposit or guarantors
  • You can use the funds in accordance with your needs, the loan is not granted for a specified purpose
  • Amounts between RSD 50,000 and RSD 2,000,000
  • You can repay the loan in 13 to 71 months*
  • Life insurance is included in the loan, free of charge
  • Use the possibility of refinancing liabilities to other banks, under more favourable terms
  • Disbursement in cash or on your current account

* in the event of refinancing the liabilities with Erste Bank and/or other banks under credit cards and loans disbursed until 18 March 2020, or extension of the tenor of the existing cash and refinancing loans that were disbursed in Erste Bank from 01 January 2019 to 18 March 2020, the maximum tenor is 83 months in case they are refinanced with a loan for pensioners with an insurance, and for which no possibility of obtaining additional cash exists.

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