Do you want to buy an apartment under construction?

You're at the right place because our Bank has cooperated with investors across Serbia for years, and a result of that cooperation is the financing of construction of new apartments: Project financing

Some of the reasons to opt for Erste Bank project financing:

  • You don't have to visit the sites and look for the location for construction - one visit to the Bank solves everything
  • All necessary documentation for the property is already at the Bank and you don't have to collect it yourself
  • You can see what the building will look like in advance
  • You can buy an apartment and mortgage it if the degree of completion is at least 40%
  • If this is your first apartment, you can get a VAT refund

Apartments under construction on offer


Residential complex in the heart of Zvezdara


DD 181 DOO Beograd-Voždovac