What is instant payment?

Instant payment is a new manner of payment at our market, which is characterized by the velocity and availability.

This payment manner enables the user immediate execution of transactions. That means that within 10 seconds as of the moment of the initiation of the transaction, the funds can be at the account of the payee, with the confirmation for the payer that the transaction is executed.

Initiation of a transaction is possible at any moment (24/7, on Sundays, during holidays, at any time of day and night). The option of instant payment is available to clients at all channels of the Bank: mBanking, NetBanking, teller desk and sales point.

Instant payment includes:

  • RSD payment
  • maximum amount of up to RSD 300,000 per order
  • transactions of private individuals and legal entities

By the implementation of instant payment, the existing payment systems RTGS and clearing will not cease to operate.

Within the mBanking application, use the special benefit of instant payment by scanning QR code at the accounts and pay your accounts for a few seconds. This option is currently available for all monthly bills payment where QR code is in accordance with the instant payment standard. This type of payment is currently available at Telekom Srbija, EPS Snabdevanje, JKP Informatika Novi Sad and Tax Administration of Republic Serbia.