To get a favourable loan, without queuing, you don't need to pull strings

Online cash loan

  • Get more favourable interest rates on online loans
  • Obtain additional funds without an obligation to receive wages through an account in our Bank
  • One visit to the Bank is enough
Key numbers


1 visit to the Bank is enough

Loan amount up to

RSD 3.000.000

Credit request processing fee


Benefits of an online cash loan:

  • Cash loan, without purpose restriction, is available
  • You can use the loan to refinance your liabilities under all types of approved credit products
  • Use the funds when you need them most in an amount between RSD 50,000 and RSD 3,000,000* without a guarantor
  • The loan can be repaid in 6 to 83 months
  • Existing clients may apply for the loan via E-Banking - NetBanking
  • If you are not a user of NetBanking, or if you are not a client of the Bank, you can apply online here without an obligation to receive your wages in an account with the Bank
  • It takes only one visit to the branch to sign the contract documentation

* Depending on the creditworthiness and the amount of regular monthly earnings

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