Choose safe investment with guaranteed yield

Securities Trading - Serbian Treasury bonds and bills

  • Generate attractive yields
  • Enjoy low transaction costs
  • Invest in securities with solid liquidity level
  • Enjoy favourable tax treatment
  • Retain the generated profit, even in the case of sale of securities before maturity

Benefits of investing in Serbian Treasury bonds and bills:

  • Invest in a product which provides a counterweight to the market trend related to deposit interest rates
  • We offer debt securities with attractive yield rates
  • Choose the maturity of bonds which suits your needs (usual maturity is from 3 months to 10 years)
  • Quickly and easily trade through an authorised broker
  • Enjoy low transaction costs when trading in Treasury bonds and bills
  • Enjoy favourable tax treatment, because the owners of securities issued by the Republic of Serbia are exempt from the payment of capital gains tax.
  • Invest in securities which provide liquidity, possibility of fast trade in securities of your choice and in accordance with your needs
  • Manage your funds before the maturity of securities, use a possibility of sale before the maturity of securities, under market conditions, and without loss of the yield generated based on the number of days of holding the securities
  • The Bank can repurchase your securities, under market conditions
  • We offer you the support of a team with long-term experience

Where and how to invest?

  1. Invest by purchasing at primary auctions or secondary trading (OTC or Stock Exchange), through an authorized broker
  2. Inform yourself about the auction schedule (primary trading is held in accordance with the Auction Calendar of the Treasury Administration)
  3. Use the possibility of executing OTC trades on a daily basis
  4. Stock Exchange trading is held in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Belgrade Stock Exchange
  5. We offer securities from the Erste Bank portfolio, with different maturities and yield rates

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