Changes in the Performance of Foreign Payment Transactions

We would like to inform you that the National Bank of Serbia has passed the Guidelines on the Amendments to the Guidelines for Implementing the Decision on Terms and Conditions of Performing Foreign Payment Transactions (item 50), and on that basis, the mandatory data which the foreign payment transaction orders must contain for the business of import and export of goods (basis code 112) have been introduced. 

Two new fields with the defined structure shall be introduced:

•    invoice/proforma invoice number (30 alphanumeric characters),

•    year of invoice/proforma invoice (4 numeric characters).


Through the respective change, the possibility of entering the number and year of the agreement (of the account book) shall be terminated.

In the collection/payment order, the following should be stated in field 12/7 in the respective order:

•    ordinal number/basis code 112/invoice number/year of invoice/amount.


In the respective fields in the collection/payment order, the required data for each invoice/proforma invoice should be stated individually. The respective data should correspond to the information stated in the Single Administrative Document (SAD) in section 44. 

The collection/payment order may contain several individual invoices/proforma invoices for basis code 112, and in addition to them, the other basis of collection/payment may be specified. The respective obligation refers only to basis code 112 (export/import of goods). 

The change will become effective on 01 April 2021 (in the previous Amendment, the change should have taken effect on 01 January 2021).

It is of great importance that the requested data be accurate and complete, so that the National Bank of Serbia, with a view to conducting an adequate control of foreign transactions, may be properly informed through statistical reports.

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